Top 1% of THREE MLM Companies! The Daniel K. Song Interview

Advancing to the top 1% of any MLM possibility is pretty a assignment, deciding on to begin all over with a new corporation and doing it again is surely amazing.

After taking a smash from Network Marketing for nearly a 12 months… What Daniel K. Song plans to do subsequent can be his hardest task; no longer simplest does he plan to do it once more with a brand new, as an alternative large business enterprise, he is going to do even as running a complete-time activity! Why? To show to you that it CAN be accomplished.

It is said that which will have success in network advertising and marketing you need to genuinely master one talent. Whether it’s far presenting, final, encouragement, or (for the net international) copywriting, search engine optimization or social networking, it is highly essential to perceive your expertise and “run” with it.

Daniel K. Song has mastered the incredibly beneficial art of Team-Building: The branding of a tradition and machine of duplicating distributors that absolutely consider his management. He is an instance of the energy conventional community advertising and marketing strategies have on those which can acquire this skill.

During this particularly demanding time, I had a danger to meet up with him and I need to ask you to test our communication in hopes that you can advantage a few cost from a true MLM guru.

* Disclaimer: Soomin-Kim.Com does now not encourage “possibility jumping,” but the story of Daniel K. Song is an affidavit to the electricity of the network advertising possibility and reiterates our perception that people pick leaders before selecting a organization. In different words, we accept as true with that within the beginning, human beings are buying YOU; no longer your products nor compensation plan.

SK: I’m just going initially the fundamentals…How long have you been involved in Network Marketing?

Daniel: I’ve been part of the Network Marketing Industry now for nearly 7 years. The majority of which has been complete time…I commenced returned in May of 2003 as I was preparing to graduate from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. I’ve been a part of The Health and Wellness Industry for all the 7 years I’ve advertised. It wasn’t till this beyond year that I decided to tackle separate career paths; one as a fashion designer & advertising supervisor, and the other as a community marketer (again).

SK: So what is your age at the moment… You continue to appear like a child to me.

Daniel: I’m 29, appearance 20, and possibly act greater like I’m 12… I experience being a “youngster,” existence became a great deal more enjoyable when you had been a kid. I envy the innocence, simplicity and pureness of a baby’s actions, selections, and thoughts… Although getting carded for ‘R’ rated films at almost 30 is a bit traumatic.

SK: I listen you brotha, I’m 31 and I get carded anywhere too! I’m guessing it’s an Asian element. Prior to extra severe topics…Every person that is aware of you, knows that you love cars… How many specific automobiles have you ever owned?

Daniel: Umm… To date? I’ve owned (nine) 인천룸싸롱 automobiles in the past (eight) years… I started out in community marketing with a Honda Civic that I sold in high faculty. The first car I sold “through” network advertising was a 1993 Acura NSX (which changed into my dream automobile growing up as a kid)… That NSX become then followed up with a: 2002 BMW 325i, 2004 Infiniti G35 coupe, 2005 Lotus Elise, 1997 Acura NSX-T, 2008 Honda Element SC, 2008 Lexus GS350, 2004 Honda s2000, and now a 2010 BMW 335i… I think it really is it… I absolutely experience cars.

SK:…Uhh yea you believe you studied?

Daniel: I suggest, thinking about that I have no different actual vices (like ingesting, smoking, or partying) this is my handiest actual vice. I just hope my destiny wife-to-be can nevertheless love me for it.